I’m super excited about the prospect of tiny house communities springing up across the country, and I truly believe they are on their way! So many people are ready for the transition; we just have to get municipalities to catch up with code and zoning – and progress is being made, even if it is slow. I’m consulting on a few communities to get them launched; watch my page on Upcoming Events for more details! If we build it, they will come…



what i’ve learned so far –

In 2012 the City of Dallas told me that first I will need to write a new section of code that applies to such a small habitat. They told me it would cost me about $6,000 and take one to two years to pass. Then I will need to get my hands on a piece of land to which I can apply that code. I can buy land, or I can get a current landowner to agree to have the code applied to their property. Now that I have my tiny house completed, I plan to bring it to City Hall Plaza in 2015 for a “show and tell” and see if we can make new progress. Do you want to be involved? Please email me at [email protected]!

Ideally, I’d like to flip an existing mobile home (trailer) park into a tiny house community because it’s already zoned: multi-family and the utility stub ups are existing.

In 2013 the Mayor Doug Athas approached me about a tiny house community and we are continuing to brainstorm a community concept together to make it a reality. Garland has been very open and encouraging. Yay!

I am working with a few other tiny house community developers around the country – it’s very encouraging!

the community at a glance

My vision is to have a community space in the center—perhaps space for artists—to have foot paths and gardens surrounding that, and then the houses be the next “loop.” Parking would be on the perimeter only. I’d like to have a couple of extra tiny houses that folks can rent out to try tiny living and see if it suits them. There will be a firepit, community washers & dryers, and maybe a larger kitchen for food prep for larger groups. The theme of “community” – everyone helping each other coexist in a safe, creative and peaceful atmosphere- is the first and foremost. We can do it together!

Are you interested in this concept? Do you have experience with writing code or getting zoning changed? Do you have related ideas? If so, let’s connect! Drop me a line right here on my website, or contact me via email.