Aside from workshops (bottom of page) where will I be this year?


Tiny House 101 Workshop – March 18-19
Washington, D.C.

Tiny House Conference
– April 7-9, 2017
Portland, OR
Tiny House Village Exhibit – Earth Day Texas – April 21-23, 2017
Dallas, TX

Tiny House Community Workshop – April 22 & 23, 2017
Earth Day Texas, Dallas, TX

Tiny House Road Trip – April 24-27th, 2017
Dallas, TX —> Nisswa, MN

Tiny House 101 Workshops
Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Brattleboro, VT, New Orleans

Tiny House Community & Zoning Workshops
Dates & Locations Coast to Coast!

Intentional Living Retreat
Texas – October, TBD

DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts (1800 members!)

More events to come!


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I’ve discovered that the things that bring me the greatest joy are showing people my house, and inspiring/empowering others to make a change in their lives – whatever that change may be.  I know that tiny is not for everyone, but I also know that most people are too scared to listen to their heart and follow their dreams.  I am always looking for opportunities to share a piece of my world with others, and for partnership opportunities.  I’d love to hear from you!

Meet Up:  DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts

2017 Workshop Schedule


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Tiny houses and the tiny house movement have quickly become a nationwide fascination.  I live full-time in a 78 square-foot house on wheels that I hand built and I am finding the entire experience empowering!  I am exploring my new life in the tiny house realm, and I love to travel with my tiny house. I am a passionate advocate for being free to live a larger life in a smaller space, and I live by example.  My greatest joy comes from inspiring others.

 Package A:


4 hours

Please email me for rates.

 I bring my house to your location*, stage it for an open house event and be on-hand in the house to answer questions as people tour the house.  I arrive 2 hours in advance of the event start time to get set up.  If the event starts early in the morning, or goes into the evening, I may elect to arrive the night prior or depart the following morning.  (Set up and tear down time is not included in the four hours.)  The house is the most beautiful in the evening!

*My house is 16’ long, 9 feet wide, and 13’6” tall; I need a fairly large paved (or other hard surface) space to turn around in without low trees or power lines.  A 110 3-prong outlet to power the house is needed for the best viewing, but I can use my generator if an outlet is not within 75’.


Package B:

SPEAKING (w/slide show) and Q&A

Please email me for rates.

 Available topics (you may combine them to match your audience)


Topic 1:

My Story of Transition from Traditional to Tiny Living

Are you feeling stuck?  Does a huge life change sound equally exciting and terrifying?  At 46, I decided to overhaul my life to find out what really makes me happy.  In this presentation you will hear how I ditched societal expectations and a 25 year paralegal career with suits, hose and heels and started pulling on bibs and boots in the mornings instead.


Topic 2:

My Tiny House Build – Construction Start to Finish

This presentation is a step-by-step walk through with photos of my tiny house construction.  My house is completely hand-built, and the majority of it I did myself with friends on weekends.  It was an amazing experience!  I cannot describe the feeling I get when I sit in my living room or on my porch and look around me and remind myself that I built my own house!


Topic 3:

MAGIC Camp (Mentor a Girl in Construction)

My house was framed in southern California at MAGIC Camp.  We had 16 high school girls with construction professionals as their mentors, and it was a five-day, day camp.  We started with my custom trailer on Monday, and by Friday my house was framed, sheathed and house-wrapped.  This is an emotional story of young women being enabled and empowered.


Topic 4:

Tiny House Travel – What’s it Really Like?

As of spring 2015, (my one year anniversary of living in my tiny house) my house has traveled over 5,000 miles.  In this presentation I will walk you through a typical tiny house trip. I’ll start with trip planning, preparing the house for travel, the trip itself, and an overnight on the road.  You haven’t road-tripped until you do it in a tiny house!


Topic 5:

Day-to-Day Life in a Tiny House

Often people ask me what living in a tiny house is like – in this talk I will explain how it is different from living in a traditional home, and why I believe that it is better.


Topic 6:

Is tiny for you?

Do you know the first few things to ponder to help you determine if going Tiny is right for you?  Are you wondering about going Tiny but really just don’t know how to begin? In this short presentation I will cover actionable to-do exercises to help you decide if you could be happy with a lot less.

Topic 7:

How to Declutter/Downsize

Extreme downsizing is a process.  It’s easy for some folks and harder for others.  I will tell you my process, and I’ll give you some practical tips and methods for simplifying and reducing the clutter in your life.  To live happily in a tiny house, you have to make peace with your stuff.


Topic 8:

You’re In – You Know You Want Less! Now What?

If you’re already committed in your mind to going tiny but are overwhelmed with the number of steps ahead of you, I’ll give you some starting points.  In this presentation we will walk through five steps to start your Tiny House Journey.



Package C:


Please email me for rates

Open House: Up to 4 hours

Speaking and Q&A: Up to 2 hours


This is a combination of Packages A & B.  I will speak with a slide show presentation and also have my house on hand and give tours.  You may choose the order of events, and they can be during another on-going event, or part of a larger program.


See Packages A and B above for details.



Package D:


TINY HOUSE OPEN HOUSE (with or without speaking)

Daily Flat Rate  (Priced on a Case-by-Case Basis – please email me.)

Plus mileage from my point of origin

All day or all weekend festivals are extreme fun and require some special considerations.  Typically due to the size of my “exhibit,” organizers require that I am first in to set up (1-3 days in advance) so that others can set up around me, and that I am last out at the end of the festival the following day after others have packed up.  At a minimum I must arrive the day prior and set up, and I do not depart until the morning after the festival concludes.

I require 2 staff members to assist me for crowd control; I will be in my house giving tours, and I have two people outside.  One person is on the porch controlling how many people are in and out of the house at a time.  The other person is providing relief, answering questions, and running food & water.  My experience at festivals is that I have 500-1000 people tour my house in a day, depending on festival attendance.

Topics for discussion: Pre-festival media promotions, festival signage, festival security, and overnight accommodations.

See Packages A and B above for additional details.


Package E:


Priced on a Case-by-Case Basis; please email me to discuss

 I offer both classroom and hands-on build workshops.  Topics range from decluttering and downsizing to building your own tiny house and they can be structured in a variety of ways.  If you are interested in a workshop, please call or email me for more information as pricing is determined on case-by-case basis depending on what you want to accomplish.


Package F:



Sometimes you just can’t get all the information you want in a group setting!

Is there a niggle in the back of your mind that maybe the way your daily life is structured isn’t working for you anymore?  Could your “success” be *gasp* unsatisfying?  Have you said that thought out loud to anyone yet?  I receive daily emails from people who are feeling stagnant and are thinking about pitching their old life to the wind and striking out with something bold and new, but they have no idea how to go about taking action.   If that sounds like you, I have been where you are and I’d love to help you think through some decisions.

If you’ve already decided you want to live small, how can you be sure it’s for you?  Should you DIY your build or hire it out?  Should you build on wheels or on a foundation?  Where should you even begin? You have a lot of decisions ahead of you and I can help you get started.   Come, sit – let’s talk tiny!


Package G:


Priced on a Per-Project Basis

Please email me for rates.

I will come to your location and help you identify which possessions to keep, trash, and/or donate.  It’s process, and there are some tricks to it, whether you go by room, by category, it takes time, and you should be kind to yourself during the process.