Earth Day Texas is the largest earth day celebration in the world – right here in Dallas, Texas.  This year there will be 13 DIY tiny houses open for you to tour April 21-23, 2017 out at Fair Park Texas.

If you’re just tuning in, this is the fourth post in a series of Earth Day Texas tiny house village Exhibitor Spotlights: It’s a skoolie!  This is the School of Life, with Jimmie and Tamra Lane – come and see what your old school bus has become!


Instagram: @schooloflifebus


About your house: 

The School of Life Bus was built as a means for us to experience more and learn as much as possible about life–hence the name. It’s a cozy 220 sq ft tiny house bus conversion with a small garage/storage room. About 85% our tiny home is built from reclaimed materials.


tell us a little about you: 

We are a young couple that have been together since high school. We are going on our 7th year of marriage and just had our first son in July 2016. We recently purchased property in Colorado for us to live on as well as having a spot here in Texas with our families. We really just love the outdoors and nature and want to be a part of it as much as possible.


What inspired you to go tiny? 

My wife and I decided to go tiny because we realized we just weren’t really living life to the fullest, which is still very hard to do. We were working and going to school full time and just getting beat up by the everyday “norm”; worrying and not really enjoying. We are also very environmentally conscious. Considering both living a simple life and decreasing environmental impact can be achieved by going tiny, it just made sense for us.