Last year at Earth Day Texas there were 13 tiny houses for you to tour.  This year I have assembled two villages of tinies – a total of 13 houses!  All DIY built, private residences, open for viewing.  The owners are so generous to share!

This is Exhibitor Spotlight #5 – Joyous Possibilities, by Beth Burach.  Her house is a work in progress down in Conroe, Texas and coming along nicely!


About your house:

It’s a 20′ house on a 24′ trailer- the other 4′ will be a screened in porch.  I love vintage, and was an antiques dealer with my mom for a while, so have lots of cool vintage stuff to choose from to put in my house. Maybe the most interesting thing as far as Earth Day goes, is that my wood is salvage wood that came from the horse barns that were torn down at Fair Park in Dallas.   It’s going to be so cool to bring that wood back to the fairgrounds for Earth Day!


About you:

I’m single with one son and two grand babies.  I’ve been a model, a flight attendant, an inventor with a patent….   I’ve lived much of my life in Europe –  going back and forth between Switzerland and Texas.


What inspired you to go tiny?

I’ve always loved small spaces- living in Europe, I was used to limited living space.   I spent much of past several years care-taking for my parents and living in their home.  Now that they’ve both passed away, it was time for a change.  My son,  out of the blue, one day offered to build me a tiny house.  He learned carpentry in Switzerland so had some knowledge.  It was the first time in a long time (since my parents’ passing) that I got really excited about something.  It’s been a fun journey so far.