Even a tiny house is never done… there’s always a project: something you want to tweak, an new idea to implement.  John and I are making changes in Sisu this summer for her to accommodate two people living in her 78 square feet full time,  instead of just one.  We aren’t doing any big structural changes, although we have briefly discussed one or two.  Mostly we are slightly altering existing spaces in way that could be undone later if wanted.

Shoes are a thing.  Work shoes, running shoes, rain boots, work boots, flip flops… we have shoes.  We ditched a LOT of shoes over the winter!  But our current storage situation, while convenient, is somewhat of an eyesore.  Plus I have always loved lounging on the porch, and the porch space now is limited.  I give you exhibits “A” and “B:”


(All the wood looks so dark after it rained so hard all day and night!)

So that’s our current situation.  Those boxes up on the porch house our shoes.   What’s wrong there?

~  The two boxes are mismatched in size, color and design.
~  They take up valuable porch space.
~  Shoes are vulnerable to weather and dust.
~  No lids – they are not seats.
~  Generally unattractive.

My proposed solution?  Make the deck platforms into storage!  Here is a closer view of the decking — in the this photo, the top piece is lifted aside and you can see how I made the middle platform hinged.  But, I used a piano hinge (I didn’t want to use huge hinges and advertise that bounty might be inside) and even though I updated the screws, they were still inadequate – the hinge promptly came loose.

Also, I meant to put a netted or screened bottom on it, so that it could hold items but not hold rain, but I never quite got around to it.  Have a look inside:

The open space goes all the way to the ground – through the bottom platform.  The middle platform is “nested” inside the bottom platform.  Here’s a closer look at that:

The purpose of that is (at least) two fold:  It saved some weight, and it keeps the middle deck piece from moving around. (Thank you Susan Pahnke!  She’s smart…)

So my shoe storage idea is to convert the top step into shoe storage.  We don’t want to simply use the middle one, because we’d have to move the top one every time we need shoes.  But the top step is too small, so really we’ll need to just build a larger top step.  I’m okay with that.  (I actually have NO time these days, so I am hiring our host to build it for us.)

So the design — here are the current parameters:

~  Enough storage for both John’s and my shoes
~  At least one divider, giving us 2 compartments
~ A screened bottom so that dirt can fall out
~ Deeper than the current step, to accommodate bigger shoes/boots
~  Protection from the rain – and no water pooling on top
~  A sturdy hinge
~ Carry handles

This is where you come in.  (You had to know that was coming…)

What are we not thinking of?  What would make it the best shoe storage space ever??  This is custom, so we can do nearly anything.  What ideas do you have??