I’m doing the double time hustle over here between 75214, 75201 and 75043.  The calendar days are flipping too fast to comprehend and I’m trying to keep my head above water.

My most exciting news:  I connected with Stephan Sardone of Sardone Construction, thanks to Justin Nygren over at The Grove Dallas.  Stephan is the owner of Sardone Construction and has agreed to do some consulting with me on the interier design of my tiny house!  I’m so pumped!  You have seen in the news that Sardone Construction just won for the category of Best Handyman in the Dallas Readers Voice Awards – fantastic!

First, it’s so validating that someone of Stephan’s caliber recognizes the potential that tiny houses have to improve people’s lives and the communities they live in.  Stephan likes to take on projects that improve people’s lives and his company is on track to carry a solid Quadruple Bottom Line (people, profit, purpose planet).  We have that in common.  Yeah!

Second, one of the first things I learned about Stephan is that he designs small spaces.  “It’s just like a boat,” he said, “every inch counts.”  He gets it.  And check out this article – talk about having someone talented helping me out…  The briefest of Google searches reveals that Stephan makes big things happen.  I am humbled – so humbled, and grateful to have him in my corner.  Thank you, Stephan!

And third, speaking of talent…  After walking and around the through my house he peppered me with a lot of “why” questions that made me think.  I found it extremely interesting that he and I approach design issues from opposite ends of the issue.  I thought I was a pretty outside-the-box thinker, but Stephan gave me a run for my money and left me spinning.  It’s GOOD.  It was FUN.

We had one of those conversations where, by the end, my head was going to explode with ideas – I often have days like that, where I just have to sit down and write and empty my brain, but a session of impromptu brainstorming about “what ifs” and “have you thought of” thoughts tumbling over each other is pure exhilaration.  I can’t wait to tell you about some collaborations that Stephen and I discussed!  More on that soon…  But in the spirit of meeting my Earth Day Texas 2014 deadline, he gave me homework before he left:  Make a list of every task remaining in the home construction.  Put them in the order that I think they should go in.  Email it to him.  He will put them in the right order and compose a project schedule tied to a calendar.  I know, I know, I should have that already but I don’t.  James told me months ago, “Plan the work, and work the plan, baby!” but did I?  Mmmmm no.  I’ve been the “seat of my pants” girl on this – which is fine until you are 31 days out and having night sweats.  (I exaggerate.)  So I got that off to him last night….

I’ve gotten back into the gym this week after a two WEEK hiatus (v.v.bad) and it feels sooo good.  And Amy and I have declared winter over and have set aside Nina’s MAGIC Oatmeal and have moved on to smoothies:

2014 03 27 smoothie2 2014 03 27 smoothie1

Amy and Liberty came out to the house with me on Tuesday and helped me oil the walls.  Liberty took up Greta’s post up on the porch:

2014 03 35 lib on porch

We got our tasks done, tried out the yoga sling, and laughed ourselves silly.  Not surprisingly the day devolved into wine on the porch in the sun.  It was the. best.

It sounds like my granite will be installed Sunday or Monday night….  cannot wait for that.

My day today is hitting the gym, walking the dogs — who have strategically placed themselves in front of the door —

2014 03 27 dogs

and then working on the house for the rest of the day.  Then coming home, prepping for the DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts Meet Up tonight (we  now have 43 members!!!  GO DALLAS!!) and I know having an amazing evening tonight.  We currently have TWENTY FIVE people coming tonight!!  OMG!  It’s not too late to sign up and join us…

What is something that you always wanted to do?  What are you doing to make it happen?  Take the first step today…