John and I are just back from a 7 week excursion to the Pacific Northwest.  Wow.  We have a really beautiful country – have you seen it?  We drove backroads from Dallas to San Diego.  Stayed with my middle sister Mona and her family there for a few days.  Then we wound our way up Highway 1 – the Pacific Coast Highway for as much as the coast as we could – the cliffs – the ocean – the redwoods!  Just wow.  That was a bucket list drive for sure.  Then we continued to Portland, Oregon and stayed with my oldest sister Marcia for a few weeks.  During that time we did some honey-do projects for my sister, connected with some tiny house friends, and explored.  We made our way up to Washington:  Olympia, Bellingham, Whidbey Island.. so many friends, so much natural beauty.   After a few weeks we headed back – down through Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, and then back across Texas.  So. Many. Mountains.  The views… just – mind blowing.  So much open space!

We are blessed in so many ways!  We were fortunate to not get sick, we didn’t have any car trouble (well our car did get broken into once… but I’m trying to let that anger go, so I won’t trot out the details here… ) and we didn’t get into any accidents.  Our Honda Element that we tricked out with a sleeping platform rocked!  And the car was a trooper through so. many. mountains.  I highly recommend the backroads if you have time.  Pro Tip:  The tiny house life frees you up financially and time-wise… because – c’mon – in my old life I never could have taken a 7 week trip!  That’s just crazy!  And I made money while we were traveling… the hard work is finally paying off…  (If you want to see photos from our trip, we have some posted but more are coming.  Check us out on Instagram:  banorrgard and jr_breenrunner.)

The primary purpose of our trip was to see if we liked the PNW in the winter.  We know we’d like it in the summer – what’s not to like there?  We discovered that it is colder and wetter than we thought.  And if you’ve been following me for any period of time at all you know I am a pansy, lol

What I did come back with is motivation.  And thank goodness, because in the past 5 years, March, April and May mean Earth Day, and a seasonal cross country move.  And I’m currently in the happy position of almost more work than I can do.  So it’s buckle down time.  I do love deadlines.  I am 25 days until EARTHx.  Game on.

Speaking of buckles, mine are strained.  So top of the motivation is to drop a few pounds to feel better about my body.  I am committed to walking every day, and reducing coffee, alcohol and salt.  I kicked that off today with 2.5 miles.  Due to a more complicated situation that is too boring to explain here, I took the dog with me.  So, I didn’t get to go as far or as fast as I would have liked, but I went.  I love walking.  So yay me.  And then I made a smoothie.



Yesterday when we unloaded the car and unpacked our bags, I did a clothing purge.  WINTER CLOTHING away.  Man alive sweaters take up so much room!  Gaaaaaah!  And then some t-shirts.  I made piles for keep, garbage and Goodwill.  I was ruthless and it feels good.  It doesn’t matter how recently you’ve purged clothing – odds are you could go to your closet and pull out a few more things.  Try it…

More ruthless purging lies ahead:  The kitchen and pantry.  And then… our 4’x8′ storage unit.  I want that thing GONE by the time we move in May.  I hope I can hang onto my ruthlessness because things I’ve been holding have  I have a lot of tiny house exhibit items.  I have a huge really nice like new rolling suitcase.  A similar garment bag.  Anyway:  must be ruthless!

I’m in the hard push now for the EARTHx tiny house village exhibit.  It’s going to be our best year yet – 13 structures.  Our move in day is 25 days out – that’s my deadline.  After that we are doing a quick one evening Earth Day event in Cedar Hill, since the house will be out and about… then I have a paralegal gig (where IS my paralegal costume??) for a couple of weeks in May, and THEN we are planning to go to Minnesota for the summer.  With or without the house, is the question.  But either way: lots to do before we go.  Exciting!!

I’m loving spring in Texas.  So green, not horribly hot yet, the tulips at the Arboretum…and John and I have some exciting news to share with you soon, as well!  Will we see you at EARTHx??  It’s April 20-22, 2018 at Fair Park in Dallas.  What are you motivated about??  Come by and let’s chat!