I have more tiny house community news to share with you!  I am excited to be packing a bag tonight to fly to Minneapolis tomorrow morning! I am flying there to meet Bill & Brenda Campbell to consult with them on the tiny house community they are developing, called The Sanctuary Minnesota up in Ogilvie, Minnesota.  I will be in Minnesota through Wednesday night – helping them develop a plan to weave tiny houses into their already beautiful venue.  A huge thank you to my friend Daniel for keeping Miss Greta Girl for me while I am gone.  : )

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I was so hoping to get up there in October before the snow was flying – and I’ve got nobody to blame for that but me.  Bill & Brenda certainly tried to get me there sooner.  The area is under a winter storm advisory, with the high tomorrow only 28 degrees and 8-10 inches of snow predicted!  It will be quite a change from here in Thousand Oaks where the days have been about 85 for a high…  I have unearthed my Carhartt work coat and boots, along with a hat, scarf, mittens…  At least I own those items, though, right?  I will also reluctantly be packing my long underwear.  So wrong.  LOL

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As many of you know, I grew up in Brainerd, Minnesota, which is not far from Ogilvie.  I have a tiny house dream of taking my house up and spending the summer at this community in 2015…

Please take a moment and visit The Sanctuary Minnesota on Facebook and “like” them to support their dream, even if you live in another part of the country.  The Sanctuary MN is a privately owned, unique location to hold events. It includes 80 acres of trails, observation stands, ponds, wildlife and buildings.  I’m thrilled to be a part of their team – it’s inspiring and a privilege to be meeting and working with people who share the community dream!

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I’ll be posting more photos and news as things develop this week.  Stay tuned!