I will be the first to say that I haven’t done well with self-care the last many weeks.  Several factors contributed to the utter void of doing things that were good for me, and really none of them are very good excuses.   I think it’s a pretty typical Catch 22, don’t you?  We don’t feel good about ourselves, or we  think we are too busy, and so we don’t take time for ourselves, and then we feel worse.  It’s a downward spiral that can be hard to pull out of.

After having what seemed at the time as a hectic couple of weeks, I’ve been making a conscious effort this last week to pay attention to what I am putting into my body.  I’ve been cooking at home more and eating out less.  And honestly when I have eaten out, I’ve found the food to be unsatisfying.  I’ve been able to re-frame that not as a disappointment, but as a validation of what I know is better for me: staying in and cooking my types of food.  I enjoy foods that are mostly in their natural state and cooked simply.  Among other things this week I made an Abundance Bowl (here is one example – but I never truly follow a recipe…)  that was amazing, homemade rosemary foccacia bread, and a light Asian soup.

This morning Greta and I got up a little later than normal.  I slathered on a moisturizing face mask, made my iced almond milk latte and poured it into a go-cup.  I made a serving of Nina’s Famous Oatmeal for later, and leashed up Greta for our morning walk.  We went to the local softball fields where we circled the perimeter outside the fields until I was sure she was done with her business, and then we went inside the fence to the field and I took her off lead and let her run in the still wet grass.  She ran until she didn’t want to run anymore, (I should have snapped a photo but I was happy to have my phone in my pocket and not in my hand) and then we walked the few blocks home.

For the first time in a long time I unfurled my yoga mat and did some deep stretching and some yoga.  (Greta did her bit of having at least a paw on the mat at all times…)

2014 12 06 yoga

Then I got my free weights out and did a bit work there – wow, okay that had been FAR too long…

2014 12 06 weights

And then I untied my yoga sling and hung upside down for a bit – hung loose, did some supported hand-stands, a couple of back bends… ahhhh  I’d forgotten how good that feels.  I love that thing.

2014 12 06 sling t

And now, my reward – blinds open, windows open, sunshine, my oatmeal (steel cut oats, banana, raisins, apple, cinnamon and walnuts) and writing with a cup of tea.  Ahh Saturday morning.

2014 12 06 tea

As I knew I would, I feel better – more grounded and balanced.  Hopefully with today as a reminder of how good I feel now, this morning will be the start of a renewed routine of sorts.

December can be hectic if you allow it – but what will do you for YOU this weekend?  Take some down time to do something to nourish your soul.  Even if you just take 10 minutes to sit quietly, perhaps in will turn into a bit of stretching.  Start at the top of your body and work your way down… begin with neck rotations and end with toe flexes.  Ten minutes.  You’ll be glad you did.