I’ve been back in northern Minnesota now for about 4 days post-Texas.  The trip to Dallas was packed full of fun and exciting things:

  • an Easter celebration with Sara & Bill;
  • collaborative creation with Ricky, David, Susan & Darl of a new tiny house name sign;
  • a radio interview with Mitch Carr of KRLD;
  • a visit to my favorite hair stylist, Lee Ann Lage at (organic) Rocket Science Hair Salon;
  • assembled & participated in the tiny house village exhibit at Earth Day Texas;
  • arranged & participated in 2 tiny house panel discussions at Earth Day Texas;
  • along with 2 friends, Susan & Demere, exhibited my house and did a Q&A with the Hon. Douglas Athas of Garland, TX;
  • attended to tiny house trailer repair (okay not so fun/exciting, but needed!); and
  • a 1200 mile solo tiny house trip back to Minnesota.

IMG_1431   FullSizeRender (7)

(You can see many more photos from my Texas trip on my Facebook & Instagram/Twitter feed – banorrgard)

It’s taken me a few days to “come down” and to assimilate back into whatever “normal” means these days – and to allow myself to do that somewhat gently without guilt.   The next 11 (gulp only 11!!) days are going to be eventful:  John and I are letting his/our rental house go, relocating my/our tiny to Nisswa, MN and moving into it full time together!

We have LOTS to do – and poor John, still in the boot and on crutches can only supervise.  : )

My/our lists now are:

  • house repair and retrofits;
  • attend to final physical house placement details;
  • locate a small storage unit to rent for 1-2 months while we do final sorting and consolidating;
  • disseminate remaining possessions out into the world – although we are nearly done; and
  • orchestrate a “tiny house in town!” open house before we park.

We are both super excited about the move and the summer adventure it will bring!  We acknowledge that my/our tiny house is a house built for one – it’s 78 square feet plus the loft.  We know that the summer will not be all “butterflies & glitter.”  We’ve had more than one conversation about managing expectations, and how good communication and attitude about it all are key.  If we can just get the transition done now…!  We are so ready to just be there!

We both have high hopes for the summer, and we also have a bit of fear (which is probably good, lol)  Both of those topics will be the topic of upcoming blog posts here.  We look forward to sharing our adventure with you all – we hope you’ll follow along on our story and let us know if and how it parallels with things you are doing.  We’ve done a lot of work to get this far – here is the final push!