There is a new children’s book on the market – a TINY HOUSE children’s book!  To my knowledge, the first tiny house book aimed at the very young generation.  Spoiler alert:  It’s spectacular.  It’s called The Big Adventures of Tiny House.


Hot off the presses! (Although when they come off, I learned, they are not warm to the touch…)

Backstory:  Because my life is full of synchronicity (well at least since 2012, when I started recognizing it, but that’s an entirely different blog post) I found myself in this unexpected nexus of having a friendship intertwined with social media relationships, intertwined with living in Brainerd, Minnesota, the home of Bang Printing (est. 1899!!) where this book was printed.  And so what happened? I got to go to the printer – first the day the inside of the book went to press, and again the day that the book’s cover went to press and the book was assembled.  Whaaaat?  I know.  Welcome to my world.


B.A. Norrgard & Becky Flansburg at Bang Printing

Not only did I have a nexus with Becky Flansburg (my local friend), Susan Schaefer Bernardo (author) Courtenay Fletcher (illustrator)  and Bang Printing but the author got the inspiration for the book after spending time with some dear  friends of mine, Christian and Alexis of Tiny House Expedition.

And if THAT wasn’t enough, the book also features the children and family dog Macy Miller of MiniMotives.  (Macy’s daughter once adorned me with several pieces of black gaff tape in a convention center banquet room, so I feel like we’ve bonded.  Plus I later used that tape to hold my shoe together during a presentation…)  But I digress.


The generous and patient Phillip Wagner of Bang Printing

The experience at Bang Printing was so. much. fun.  I love seeing how things are made, and now I have a mind’s eye image of how books are made and printed!  Phillip Wagner, the Bang Account Representative who walked us through their operation was so kind and generous with his time.  And he let me climb all over all the equipment while it was running (I’m sure their insurance company would have been appalled!)  I have several videos of the live streaming on my Facebook page  – check them out if you want to see the book being borne!  It’s pretty cool.


The biggest roll of paper I have ever seen! (Bang Printing)


The covers ready for glue at Bang Printing

In her book The Big Adventures of Tiny House, Susan has manage to capture the essence of life on the road in a tiny house.  So many sentences that I read rang true with me!

“… though they didn’t have room for all of their old stuff, what they decided to keep was exactly enough!”

The story is sweet, encompassing adapting to change, repurposing materials, facing a naysayer, embracing people with different ideas/styles of tiny, meeting new people during travel troubles who then become friends, and joining together to form community.

The illustrations are perfection – filled with bright colors and the tiny houses – oh my! – such realistic detail!

I am thrilled to have been at the right place at the right time to able to play a small part in the launch of this truly beautiful tiny house book.  I have it on MY tiny house bookshelf, and you should make space on your shelf as well!


These were blocks were produced as they were tweaking the colors for the illustrations. We got to keep a few!

Pre-order YOUR copy today! Here: Shop Once Upon a Time – America’s oldest indie kids bookstore <3 “With a tug and thump and a boppity-bump…away we go!”