What do you do for soul nourishment? Do you take time for yourself on a regular basis? With the changes that I’ve made in my life during the last many months, I’m able to allow myself more time to do the things I love: travel, giving back to my community and reconnecting with friends and family.

What Works for Me

A gym membership is really important to me.  In Texas and California and in several travel states in between I went to 24 Hour Fitness.  These days in Minnesota I am going to the old reliable YMCA – no 24 Hour Fitness here.  I’ve recently discovered water workout classes – my new love!

Many of you have seen my yoga sling from Anti-Gravity Fitness in my living room.  I’m watching a lot of YouTube videos and learning how to do more with the sling besides just stretching my back by hanging upside down, and reading/napping (in that order) in it!  It’s such a versatile piece of equipment.  Great conversation starter, too.  : )

This summer I am working out with my sister – the buddy system is the best!  We hit the Y together, ride our bikes and walk the dog.

My diet has really changed over the years. In 2013 I officially and finally gave up cheese, and I’m vegan now. My mouth loved it, but my body hated it!  After being off cheese for three weeks, my trainer asked me what diet pills I was taking—my body’s negative reaction to dairy had been that big and I didn’t even know it. Inches fell and I felt significantly healthier after changing just a small part of my diet.  I feel better about my role in sustainable living, too.  The vegan lifestyle impacts the planet in so many beneficial ways!

Now that I pay attention to how I feel when I eat different things, I’ve identified that I feel my best when I am eating fresh foods in their natural state. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. Yum! Sure I go to the dark side and have processed foods at times, but generally my body says “no” and I regret it soon after.  Having a tiny refrigerator also forces me to eat more fresh produce and I’m grateful for that.

I use a lot essential oils—they have amazing health and well-being benefits that I believe are really impacting my life. I use about 10 different oils each morning, and I use one or two oils when I go to bed at night.   If you’ve been on a job site or a workshop with me, you’ve probably seen me sharing my oils with friends with various ailments.  I love the old medicine element of them – getting back to basics.

I’m also learning about the use of crystals and gemstones and the energy, inspiration, and healing they provide. They are powerful allies to aid in staying balanced and positive and surrounding yourself with good energy.

The oils and crystals go hand in hand with working with chakras, the energy centers in the body, and I’m self-educating myself on those. All of these things intertwine to keep me grounded and even keeled, and emotionally/energetically healthy.

I’ve also identified that I need time alone.  I love teaching workshops and hosting open houses, and exhibiting at events, but I also know myself well enough to know that I need 2-4 days post-event to recharge and renew.  I am an introvert doing a lot of public events.  At my very first event I had about 1,000 people a day, for two days in a row, tour my house.  Yowser!  I had NO idea my house and I would receive that type of response!  Talk about initiation to open houses!  : )   Today I wish that I had been doing a running headcount of how many people have toured my house; it would be a fun fact to have.


Time with friends is important – but I know that I do better in groups of 3 or less.  Any larger group than that and I become a wall flower and become purely a listener and not a contributor to the conversation.  That isn’t a bad thing, really, but it’s a good thing to be aware of.  Good conversations provide problem solving, decision validation and laughter.

My routine of having coffee on my porch with a friend or a sister and planning my day serves me well.  I make my list in a soft cover book (I’m on Volume 3!) and the books serve as sort of a log book of my days.  Not only do they keep me grounded in my days and organized, I often refer back to them for dates that things happened.


Figuring out what works for you is a process. Try some things that are new to you—you may be surprised what resonates with you.