I moved into my house full-time in late April 2014. I am still exploring and finding my way in the tiny house world, but for now I am enjoying a simplified life of travel combined with opening my house for viewing, public speaking about living small and finding your path, teaching tiny house workshops, facilitating and encouraging others who want to downsize by consulting with them, and writing. Ultimately I would like to be involved in starting an urban tiny house community.

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Photo Credit: Jerry Chandler (April 2014)                    Photo Credit: John D. Werner (Jan. 2015)

My house with the 30 year mortgage was 1,148 square feet with a good sized yard filled with organic gardens. My transition apartment was 603 square feet with 2 windows.  My tiny house is 112+ square feet, with TEN windows – but to me it already feels larger than my apartment. Do you know why? Windows. Sunshine. Walls that are not shared with neighbors. When I open my front door, I don’t face a long hallway; I’m out on my porch. It’s amazing how much we can spread our wings in such a significantly smaller space!

To date I have parked on land owned by friends, and I have rented in one backyard.  To date, and since August of 2014, I have traveled over 6,000 miles with my house!  It’s been both an adventure and a challenge – I learn something daily – sometimes things that I had no intention of learning.  I’ve been following good weather; I wintered in both northern and southern California.  I spent the spring in Dallas, and I am currently in Minnesota for the summer.  I most likely will head back south to Texas before the snow flies, but my plans are fluid.   Some day I might have more than one tiny house in different climates and live in one, and rent out the other. I don’t know what the future holds! I’m open to what life brings…

TH in sunset on roadPhoto Credit: Nina Zamudio (August 2014)