[This page is being updated with more items and photos.  Thanks for your patience.]

Part of the beauty of every tiny house is the personal detail! Since my downsizing, I know where everything I own came from, and most times who made it.  Each and every thing that I own has its own story or memory, and my house has a story to tell too!

             I had to have a little bit of  “Dallas bling” in my house!  Some dear girlfriends and I went to dinner, and went chandelier shopping in Dallas one evening.  We found the light at Lamps Plus on Knox-Henderson.  Each time I turn it on I remember what fun we had.
Owl Painting:
I have a small painting of an owl that was painted by the grandmother of a friend of mine; you’re perhaps seen it featured in one of the video walk-throughs of my house!
Woven rugs:
All three cotton rag rugs in my house were woven by my parents who used to have a huge loom in the basement of our house.  My mom would buy old bedspreads and/or curtains, cut them into strips and sew the strips together.  Dad would work the loom and weave them into rugs and spend hours tying the knots at the ends.  Working the loom was an aerobic workout – he would get quite the rhythm going!!
Daphne in blown glass:
I have a blown glass globe with the figurine of Daphne inside that was handmade by an artist at Kittrell-Riffkind Art Glass Studio in Addison, Texas.  It’s one of my most delicate and favorite possessions.
Wooden Footed Bowl with lid:
My mom’s dad made one of these for each of his children.  I have the one that he made for my mother on my desk.  So sweet!
Open Wooden Boxes:
I am the youngest of 5 girls and my mother sewed many of our clothes.  My dad built her little wooden boxes that she used to store the patterns and I use them now at my desk and for my toiletries.  You can still see the pencil writing on the ends of the boxes, indicating what sized patterns were kept in each box.
Door knocker:
This came from Old Home Supply House in Fort Worth, Texas. I’ve had it for years. I was going to mount it on my garden gate at my house, but I never found quite the right place for him.
Bathroom door turban lady:
My friend Cole and I both bought one of these at the Renaissance Festival in Minneapolis one year. It holds the memory of a great girls’ day out for me, plus I love knowing that her twin hangs in one of my best friend’s places!
Welcome sign:
My sister Janice bought this for me for my house. It’s in Finnish, and it means “Welcome.” She bought it at a local arts festival that I grew up attending with my mom and sisters every summer. I couldn’t leave it at my house so it will find a new home above the front door of my tiny house.I wrote some more about the above three items and the stories they tell on my blog.
Yoga hooks:
I love to be upside down. I bought this yoga sling kit to suspend from the ceiling of my living room. I’m also planning to do an outside exterior wall yoga hook mount for those upside down poses that I need a wall for. (Oh, let the neighbors talk, I won’t care!)