Upcoming Road Trips!

Dallas to Minnesota – post Earth Day Texas 2017 – John and I will be bringing our house back to Minnesota from Dallas!  Should we stop and see you??  What’s happening in your area during the last week of April?  We’ll be rolling straight up I-35N.

Email to request that we stop to see you: BA@abedovermyhead.com

Minnesota to ?? – We are estimating a cross country relocation trip in October.  We don’t know yet where we are going!  That is both exciting and stressful – mostly  exciting.  It’s the perils of living in a tiny house – too many options!

While I’m traveling with my house you can follow me on Twitter (@BA Norrgard & #TinyHouseTrip) on Instagram (@BANinaBegins, @BANorrgard) on Facebook (A Bed Over My Head, Beth Ann Norrgard, Tiny House Collaborative.)

If John is my co-pilot: Twitter – @jrbreen_runner; Facebook: John Breen

If Nina is my co-pilot: Twitter – @BANinaBegins, @theninazamudio; Instagram: @atinyhousevegan; Facebook Nina Zamudio


Where I’ve been, where I’m going… what I’m doing…

I love a good tiny house road trip – and I love meeting fellow tiny house enthusiasts along the way!  My co-pilot (who is it this time??)  plan our route, then I get in touch through Meet Up and Facebook with tiny house groups on our route and arrange events/stops.  Sometimes people just read on this site that we are rolling through, and email me and ask us to schedule a stop.  We love that!  Sometimes it’s a friend I haven’t seen in a while… sometimes it is a single family who is dreaming of living small, sometimes it is a business that has a group of employees who are tiny house hungry!  Making stops and meeting people is a great way for us to break up the trip, and I do love opening my house for viewing – it’s one of the things that brings me the most joy!

In the past, Nina was my steady co-pilot.  Now that I’m married (did I just say that??) John is my usual co-pilot!  It’s a new twist on a familiar story.  Ah, unexpected love!

You can follow me on Twitter (@BA Norrgard & #TinyHouseTrip) on Instagram (@BANinaBegins, @BA Norrgard, @theNinaZamudio, @jrbreen_runner) on Facebook (A Bed Over My Head, Beth Ann Norrgard and Nina Zamudio and John Breen)

BA Nina framed1

Photo Credit: Lewis Gonzales (April 2015)

Nina and I also have a joint blog called BANinaBegins where we document some of our tiny house antics – we haven’t seen each other in a while, so the posts are less frequent.

Email to request that we stop to see you: BA@abedovermyhead.com

Nina tinyhousetrip

Nina Zamudio, Resourceress, Operative

Photo Credit: Jay Shafer (Aug. 2014)


  • In August of 2014 I hit the road in my house for northern California – it was so beautiful I felt as though I had been dropped into a movie set!  In October I traveled down to southern California for a few months.  During those months I worked for Jay Shafer and exhibited and spoke at some of his workshops.  I also started a local tiny house Meet Up group in Thousand Oaks, CA and attended and held some area tiny house events.  Tiny houses are popular in California!
  • In March 2015 I loaded up and headed back to Dallas to take advantage of great spring weather and catch up with friends.  I exhibited and spoke at Earth Day Texas, and lead (and helped lead) a couple of build workshops.
  • In June 2015 it was time to get out of the Texas heat and head to Minnesota for the summer!  I helped lead a tiny house build workshop, and am currently parked at my sister’s house in northern Minnesota.  I am planning events for this area for the summer – both stand alone events and partnered events.  I’m excited about those…
  • Currently I plan to be here in Minnesota until the first weekend of October when I will once again head south.  It’s awesome that my plan to follow good weather and plan events along the way is working out – it’s a crazy life!
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Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) Harvesting Events

  • As a fan of YLEO, I would be thrilled to be able to participate in some of their “seed to seal” harvesting events. I have my eye on the lavender harvest in Utah. Some friends and I have “pinkie sworn” that we are going to attend! Divine.

Teaching & Facilitating

  • Having attended two tiny house workshops, I find that I love the atmosphere created by so many people with a love of tiny houses all in a room together, learning and exploring. I want to be a part of that! I will be scheduling more tiny house workshops across the country, house in tow.
  • I am also enjoying being  a facilitator for lifestyle repackaging, career transition, downsizing, and self-care.
  • Dropping by the construction sites of others’ tiny houses would be awfully fun as well – it’s on my wish list!

Speaking Engagements

  • If you have an occasion where a presentation about following your dream, downsizing or living tiny would be relevant, please get in touch and have me speak to your group! I also offer home tours and can definitely come to you if you need me to!