This is the 7th of 13 posts (I hope, I am getting behind…) about the DIY tiny houses on display at Fair Park Dallas for Earth Day Texas April 21-23, 2017.  Read more here!

Tonight (this morning?? lol) I am re-introducing Richard Ward of Terraform Tiny House.  Richard is actually SELLING his tiny house at EDTx this year, because he is going even smaller!  Check out this photo of a year ago, and this week – with his newest tiny framed out.  You can see both houses at the event this weekend.



About your house: Terraform Tiny Home began as a simple attempt to live a sustainable life both financially, emotionally, and environmentally. I wanted a home I could afford and a life I could enjoy without waiting 30 years to retire. I spent close to two years planning Terraform 1. Finally in September of 2015 the build of my first home began, and thanks to the SIPs style build and help provided by Artisan Tiny House, I was able to move in just 4 1/2 months later.

About you: I am an art director, graphic designer, and craft beer connoisseur extraordinaire. In addition to building and living full time in a tiny house on wheels, I own my own marketing agency. I’m an avid cyclist, painter, home brewer, and pretty good vegetarian chef I have a love for problem solving and learning and seeing new things.

What inspired you to go tiny? Life’s too short to be stuck in a cube so i’ve designed my life to live simply, enjoy every day, and have some cool stories to tell.

Additional comments: The tiny house lifestyle proved to be too big for me. After traveling in a 32 sq ft Honda Element for four months, I returned to my 250 sq ft mansion to realize it was way more than I needed. I’m currently in the process of selling the 250 sq ft home and downsizing to a 54 sq ft, custom build, micro home.”