I’m excited to announce TWO tiny house related panel discussions happening during Earth Day Texas!  In case you missed it, Earth Day Texas is April 21-23, 2017 at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas and it’s the largest earth day celebration in the world.  Yes, in the world.  Yay, Dallas!

In addition to the 15-20 tiny houses that will be open for public tour (most of which are hand build private residences) I’m really excited to announce two panel discussions that promise to be lively.  And don’t worry if you can’t make it in person – new this year – they’ll be streaming them on Facebook live and taking questions viewers online! It’s going to be so exciting!  So get your tiny house questions ready, and we’ll see you on stage!

SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd: (Time & Stage TBA)

The Tiny House Collaborative

Tiny House Collaborative is an affiliation of designers, educators, and community advocates. We empower individuals and organizations to transform their communities and cities through innovative housing and lifestyle choices. We advance personal and collective resiliency by providing the resources to design, build and dwell efficiently.

+     We empower each other and others to redefine home
+     We shift perspectives and transform the status quo in healthy ways
+     We model a resilient way of living that goes beyond minimizing environmental impact to support social justice & shared economy

Note: More about the Tiny House Collaborative at the bottom of this page.

Moderator: Doug Athas (tentative)

BA Norrgard
Dallas TX (home base)
Brainerd MN (current location)

A Bed Over My Head

B.A. enjoyed a challenging career as a litigation paralegal for 26 years. In 2012 she decided to overhaul her life & hand-built her own 112 square foot tiny house on wheels (named “SISU”) to be her full-time permanent residence. Empowered by the experience, she is a passionate advocate for others following their dream of letting go of societal conditioning and being free to live a larger life in a smaller space.She is totally self-contained and loves to travel with her tiny house! Since August 2014 she has traveled over 7,000 miles with SISU, exhibiting, speaking, teaching workshops and consulting on living small. Her dream is to start a tiny house community in an urban environment.

In 2016 she was one of the presenters at the ICC Conference resulting in tiny houses on foundations being incorporated into the 2018 International Residential building Code.

She holds a degree in Political Science, and she and her house have been featured in the Dallas Morning News, KRLD Radio, Al Jazeera America Cable News Network, ABC, NBC, FOX news, Buzzfeed, Yahoo. She was a guest on The Maureen Anderson (radio) Show, was featured in a Swiss documentary film about tiny houses in the US and Europe and has been a contributing author in Tiny House Magazine.


Lee Pera
Washington DC
Boneyard Studios
Lee Pera (coming soon)Lee is a geographer, educator and community organizer who has lived in 27 different houses in six countries and loves how tiny houses provide both mobility and stability. In addition to building her own tiny house and setting up the nation’s first tiny house community in Washington DC, Lee has worked with communities throughout Latin America and the U.S. on urban infill, land tenure, and sustainable community development. As a geographer, she enjoys making maps and telling stories with data.Lee works with cities and communities to plan how tiny houses and other mobile structures can be incorporated into affordable housing strategies and creative arts spaces.She holds Master’s degrees in Geography and Public Policy, and she has been featured in numerous media outlets, including NPR, Washington Post, Atlantic Cities, Dwell, Inhabitat, Grist, Architectural Record, CNN, CBS, and ABC.


Lina Menard
Portland, OR
Niche Consulting LLC
This Is the Little LifeLina is a designer, consultant, and tiny house dweller. Through the Tiny House Collaborative and her own sustainable design consulting company Niche, she helps people create their small dream homes. She teaches workshops through Yestermorrow Design-Build School and Portland Community College and keeps a blog called Niche News, featuring vignettes about simple living in small spaces. Lina holds a Sustainable Building & Design Certification from Yestermorrow, a masters in Urban & Regional Planning from Portland State University, and certificates in Urban Design and Sustainable Building Advising.Lina has been interviewed by reporters from think tanks like Sightline, by journalism students from OR Magazine, by a Japanese team making a documentary, and more recently for the movie Small is Beautiful. She has also been featured by Grist, Life Edited, Tree Hugger, Fair Companies, Tiny House Giant Journey, Unlikely Lives, Vermont Public Radio, and the clowns at Portlandia.

SUNDAY, APRIL 23rd (Time & Stage TBA)

Tiny House Lifestyles
Kim Merrett

2015 07 26 tank
B.A. Norrgard
Dallas TX (home base)
Brainerd MN (current location)
A Bed Over My Head
Tiny House Collaborative (www.thlab.org)

Her 4th year exhibiting at EDTx, Tiny House Luminary Beth Ann “B.A.” Norrgard transitioned in 2014 from a Dallas law firm to living in a 78 sq. ft. house that she hand-built. She has traveled over 8,000 miles with her house, exhibiting, speaking, teaching workshops and consulting on living small.  She is a passionate advocate for breaking free of social expectations and for tiny houses to be a mainstream housing option.

In 2016 she was one of the presenters at the ICC Conference resulting in tiny houses on foundations being incorporated into the 2018 International Residential building Code.

She is a founding member of the Tiny House Collaborative, and blogs at www.aBedOverMyHead.com/blog. Her dream is to start an urban tiny house community.

Demere O'Dell headshot (2)
Demere O’Dell
Blue Ridge, TX
The Little Fish House http://www.thelittlefishhouse.com

Demere always dreamed of building a house. When she found “tiny,” she knew she could do it! She started downsizing in 2014, designed and built her house, then moved in June 2016. Demere spent her first night in the house at Fair Park!

Demere’s favorite part of living tiny is seeing her vision-brought-to-life every day. Her home reflects her favorite childhood memories of living on an island farm. Her plan is to live tiny for at least two years… she’s fairly confident it will be quite a bit longer!

Her house name stems from her collection of unique fish items; she combines it with color and lots of texture to create sort of a boho-meets-the-beach cozy sort of vibe, reminding her of her experiences of island life and horses growing up.

Demere’s looking forward to sharing her experiences this year as a 2nd year EDTx exhibitor.

Jay Merrett headshot
Jay Merrett
Point, TX
Dreams By The Acre DreamsByTheAcre.blogspot.com

My name is Jay Merrett. I’m 54 and have lived in Texas all of my life. I work as an HR Manager at a technology company in Grapevine. I also have a business that sells/installs commercial & residential window tinting. My wife and I built a Tiny House on foundation by ourselves over the past 3 years on wooded property we own east of Dallas. We plan to retire there over the next few years after our youngest daughter graduates college. We start working on her Tiny House on Wheels this summer.

Richard Ward headshot
Richard Ward
Dallas, TX
Terraform Tiny House www.TerraformTH.com

Richard Ward started working in the creative world when he was 15 years old. With a background in graphic design and a passion for creating, building a tiny house presented a strange new challenge. Without any construction experience, Richard began “Terraform One,” his 250 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels. The project turned into a passion and Terraform Tiny Homes Co. was created. Since founding Richard has created “Terraform Two,” a 32 sq. ft. micro-camper designed around a Honda Element and is actively working on “Terraform Three”, a 40 sq. ft. tiny home that can be towed by a small SUV.

Seth Chapman headshot
Seth Chapman
Fort Worth, TX

I’m Seth Chapman, and I am 17 years old.  My tiny house adventure started seven years ago when I found a set of plans for a tiny house. Slowly, I learned many of the necessary skills to build a tiny house, and with college just around the corner I decided it was time to build. What I ended with was a beautiful 355 sq. ft. tiny house to call my own.

Vera Struck Headshot
Vera Struck
Home Base: Newbury, MA
Traveling to EDTx from Florida
Silver Bullet Tiny House (www.silverbulletinyhouse.com)
terrablueteams (www.terrabluteams.org)

Vera Struck has been a lifelong sustainability and environmental advocate. As a successful entrepreneur, reclamation artist, educator, speaker, author, tiny house designer/builder/dweller she has inspired thousands to live more sustainable lifestyles. Vera retired to build The Silver Bullet Tiny House/Classroom as a sustainable lifestyle educational module for the sustainable 501c3 education non-profit, terrabluteams.org, which she founded in 2012. To date, her zero-waste, all renewable energy tiny house on wheels, the Silver Bullet, has travelled over 12,000 miles across the USA.

More About the Tiny House Collaborative: How it Started

We all met at the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree and instantly came to the same conclusion. There was so much excitement and possibility in the tiny house movement — so much need for education and outreach. We knew we didn’t need yet another tiny house business just trying to make a buck on the growth of tiny house popularity. Instead, we wanted to offer a place for more resource sharing and more connectedness! The word “synergy” described our vision perfectly: the interaction of elements that when combined is greater than the sum of its parts.

We’ve seen countless friends and colleagues try to offer tiny house products and services alone. But we have a different idea. Collectively, no collaboratively, we can contribute much more. Clearly, our combined knowledge and skills vastly outweighs that of any of us individually. By coming together, we can offer a much better, more comprehensive educational experience for all the workshop attendees and consultation clients we interact with.

This tiny house movement is about connection — at the Tiny House Collaborative we embody that!