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Where Can You Park in DFW?

This is by far the most common query that I receive.  The best way to find a parking space is to make friends and network.

To my knowledge, there isn’t a legal community for tiny houses in Dallas/Fort Worth yet, but many I and many others are working hard to make it a reality.  I feel like every day it’s closer to being more than just a dream.  But you can certainly find a place to park one with a bit of networking.  I run both a Facebook group and a MeetUp group of the name, DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts.  Both groups are free, overlap each other somewhat, and are very active.  You can meet fellow enthusiasts, help on builds, share ideas and problem solving, and be active in local politics to advocate for tiny houses.  The best way to find a parking space is to make friends and network.  There are many many tiny houses tucked away in the Dallas area.

A word of caution:  Do not just drop into the group and have the first words off of your keyboard be that you are new and looking for a place to park.  Establish some friendships, get to know a few people, be friendly and engaging.  If we don’t know you at all, we are unlikely to recommend to a friend to open up their backyard to you and your house.    The people in the tiny house movement are very gracious, very giving, and very helpful.  But you’ve got to give us a little something to work with.  Does that make sense?  : )  Thanks.

Laws and regulations vary state to state and city by city.  Every place is different.  To find out what the law is in your area, you’ll need to call your city or county and inquire.

You can look up the Facebook group, Tiny House Hosting, if you are looking for a place to park, or if you have room on your property for a tiny house.  You can also check CraigsList for the area in which you are interested.  I believe that soon tiny house communities will be more accepted, and that they will become plentiful.

Another great website for starting out is www.tinyhouseexpedition.com and be sure to watch their documentary, Living Tiny, Legally.

I hope this is helpful to you – best of luck – I hope to meet you at a tiny house event soon!

Getting Involved

Are you interested in furthering the movement? Do you have experience with writing code or getting zoning changed? Do you have related ideas? If so, let’s connect! Drop me a line right here via my website, or contact me via email.