Well, John and I sailed through fall – so much happened and now we are slogging through winter!  John walked away from his job of 19 years, we moved the house from Minnesota to Texas for (at least) the winter.  I helped assemble the 3rd annual Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree (what a party that was!) and we are settled in at Garland.  Parking in Garland is coming full-circle for me — I did my construction here, and I’ve parked here before – it’s like coming home. (Have you had the waffles downtown?  Delicious.)

John and I loaded up in our Honda Element and did a last minute road trip to surprise his folks at Thanksgiving – so fun!  That’s one of the benefits of living across the country – you can really surprise people!  And then we did another trip at Christmas – unintentionally being gone over 2 weeks!  On our way back to Texas we covered Iowa, hung a right in Ames and went to Cheyenne WY, hung a left in Cheyenne and cruised through the Rockies (we drove the Peak to Peak Highway – so spectacular!) and then worked our way across Kansas and down through Oklahoma and into north Texas.  We had extreme cold in Minnesota, and it was downright cold in Dallas, too!  So wrong…

I haven’t yet connected with all of my friends here in Dallas – the days seem so busy somehow.  I’m having a lot of fun reconnecting with my DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts MeetUp group, which has now grown to well over 2200 members.  That’s insanely fun!

I had a small part in the Lake Dallas Tiny House Community along with developer Terry Lantrip and fellow tiny house enthusiast Jet Regan.  Big things are going to happen in Lake Dallas this year — so many of us were trying to break through the wall of tiny house community being accepted, someone was bound to succeed – hearty congratulations to Terry!  He’s got the right idea…

I’ve been busy writing – I’ve co-authored a children’s book (not out yet) and I’m sketching out an outline for a non-fiction book.  I’m writing a mentor/mentee plan for our MeetUp group, and I’m writing down ideas for the tiny house village exhibit at EarthX (formerly known as Earth Day Texas.)  A village will rise there again for a weekend – my fifth year at the event that is so near to my heart.

Meanwhile,  John and I are trying to figure out what is next.  What do we want to do with our time and where do we want to do it?  We think we are going to buy land and build a straw bale house, maybe about 400 square feet.  But our plans change often – some days I suggest backpacks in a foreign country…  We are just trying to be open, and to dream, and to learn who we are as a couple; anything could happen!

We are having a blast doing a bit of travel-on-the-cheap and connecting with old and new friends in so many unexpected places.  Our little jack russell Jake travels with us and is having quite the time on road trips, billy-goating up mountains and wading through creeks in forests.  It’s an adventure for ALL of us and we can’t wait to see where it goes next.  For now, we’re happy and cozy warm at home in our LoveSacs… !  lol

Check out our social media channels for photos of our adventures!  I am at banorrgard for Instagram and Beth Ann Norrgard, A Bed Over My Head and DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts on Facebook.  John is on Instagram as jrbreen_runner and on Facebook as John Breen.  (I could make this post slick with links and photos and never get it written and published, or I can do it like this and get a post up today.  Sorrrreeee  lol)  Thanks for reading – I’ve been a lousy blogger lately!  It’s good to have goals, right??