Move In Date:  May 27th

If you’re just joining us, the short recap is that I’ve been living in my tiny house Sisu since May 2014.  My house is definitely a house for one – and it’s perfect for one – but now I’m married, and while my new husband John has spent weekends in Sisu with me, we are getting ready to move into it full time together for the first time!  We are sooo excited!  And yes, we are designing a larger tiny, but truthfully I hope this that this summer we determine we don’t need it… hey, a girl can dream…

Regrettably we’ve had to push our 25 mile move to Nisswa MN to Memorial Day weekend – between John’s lack of mobility, my travel, Mother’s Day observances, volunteering a 50K in Superior WI (that’s the one John was training for when he fell) we just couldn’t make our original deadline.  Or the next deadline, lol.  But hopefully the added time will make it less stressful and more streamlined.

When I wrote here last week, John and I had healthy to do lists for a few different categories.  Here is the progress we’ve made…

On Sunday John and  I went to visit our host (also named John – of course, right?) and walked the property.

Goals of Site Walk – to determine:
(a) exactly where in the yard the house will be parked.  Things to consider here are trees, house orientation, and distance to connect to water and power, distance from the fire pit;

(b) will we back it in or pull it in?  Orientation affects the light our skylight will get, and also what the porch view and the desk views are;

(c) how long the electrical cord will need to be, and how long our water hose will need to be.  Our host has been employed doing land surveys so he had a “measuring wheel” (I’m sure there is a technical name for that but I don’t know what it is, but you know what I mean, right?) I rolled my way across the yard and it looks like we’ll roughly need 70′ of electrical and about 100′ of water hose.  I need to measure my existing cords (I know I will need more/new hose) and make sure I have the correct size cord.  I “should” have the proper size already – I think we’ll need a 12 gauge.  Here is one reference chart for the calculation – scroll down on that page.

(d) we also talked about the concerns of ruts in the yard and pavers to put under tires once in place.

Our Host is being incredibly accommodating and he’s really excited for our arrival!  (You may recall that we were going to caretake his property while he was off on a 12 month sailing trip.  He literally jumped ship in the Galapagos Islands and came back early, lol, but we still get to park on his property!) It was really fun to sit on the deck and survey the property in all of its spring glory – trees are budding out, birds were singing – so much nicer than our previous snow-covered visits!  Our new life is so close we can almost touch it!  We didn’t want to leave – and we can’t wait to get back. I posted a photo recently on my Facebook page… I’m there under “Beth Ann Norrgard.”

So meanwhile, back at our rental in Brainerd:
Sisu is parked in the driveway.  (Also photo on my FB page.)  I have removed all my possessions and brought them into the rental house, and I’ve made my list of tasks to be completed while the house is empty.  It’s kind of nice to have an excuse to totally empty the house and take care of those items that have been nagging me for a year or two.  Written out the list is a bit longer than I thought, but I think manageable. Host John came over and reviewed my task list with us and is going to help me do things since (husband) John is, well, mostly incapacitated with his broken leg.  (Week 7 now?  8?  I can’t keep up…)

Construction-y tasks include applying oil to the interior walls, sanding some caulk along my center ridge beam, adding new fittings to the gray water discharge, repairing some fresh water lines that got damaged in freezing temps, testing the water heater and perhaps installing a new one, checking on some electrical junction boxes just for peace of mind, installing a urine diverter, and rehanging my ceiling fan (removed during my recent travel)

Then some comfort items: We need to temporarily relocate the bed to the ground floor since John can’t navigate the loft ladder with his boot, install a clothes rod under my desk, tweak shoe storage inside and I think figure out some outdoor shoe space, and sew and hang mosquito netting around the porch outside so we can leave the front door open.

I had a plumber out on Monday of this week and she repaired a broken valve under the kitchen sink – that was an easy fix.  I also picked her brain a bit about my existing plumbing configuration and she gave me the thumbs up on things, so I’m glad for that.

Preparations that are on-going inside the rental house:
For the first time since October 2016, all of my possessions are in the same zip code.  (#tinyhouseproblems) With my house emptied (it looks so weird!) and the items brought inside, it’s also the first time that all of my stuff and John’s stuff has been 100% co-mingled.  So guess what we’re doing??  lol  Sorting.  Purging.  In addition to all my stuff being brought inside, we’ve started stripping down our current house – taking pictures off walls and making piles by category —

First the larger categories:
To the Tiny
To Storage (yes, a few things are going to storage for 1-2 months)
Going Away, Somewhere – this is stuff that I need to mail, things we are gifting, things we are donating

Then within the To the Tiny category, smaller categories (this is where the sorting happens & where duplicates are removed)
Paper & Office Supplies

Our house looks like we are getting ready for a multi-party garage sale, lol  Fortunately we have been purging possessions for 9 months so there isn’t much remaining.  I was already “purged” from 3 years of living small, but you know how things creep back in – so I’ve had some work to do as well. My closet is getting a once over today and I expect a healthy thrift store pile will result. No more winter – and I mean it this time!  lol

Also happening today – the pantry!  I am going to unload it and put everything elsewhere (the dining room table??) and for the next 3 weeks I will place only the items that I’m using back into the pantry.  I am hopeful that the exercise will identify items that are languishing and not being used.

So that’s today’s update!  Sorry there aren’t pretty photos to accompany.  Blog posts take me so long, lol!  Photos are on Facebook and Instagram (banorrgard) if you’re curious.  Thanks for reading!